2. akapale:

    Good eyebrows is an understatement. Her eyebrows were sculpted by the gods

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  3. icecoldnukacola:

    i’m cute as hell, which is incidentally where i came from

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  4. tehrisa:




    7 million people in the earth. 0 messages in my Inbox

    7 million

    in the earth

    free them

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  5. latulas:

    U WNANA FUKCINGN GO?? ????? grab an icecream together or something because u are attractive

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  6. churchofsterek:


    when i was in year 5, i did a speech on clumsiness for my school’s public speaking contest and to be clever, i tripped on my way to the stage dropping my note cards all over the place, but then i pulled the real ones out of my pocket saying ‘if you’re going to be clumsy, it pays to be prepared!’

    everyone lost their shit and i got second place

    If you got second place who got first… Did they talk about fire safety and burn the stage down or something

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  7. bloner:

    things that should be allowed to be used in essays:

    • i shit you not
    • you feel me
    • no but get this
    • i’m just sayin
    • let me explain to you a thing
    • and yeah

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  9. w0nd3rwaaall:

    Get fucking married man

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  10. dutchster:


    if you locked your boyfriend and your dog in a trunk for a week and then opened it the boyfriend would probably be pissed but the dog would be happy to see you also known as reasons why dogs are better than boyfriends

    legalize dog marriage

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